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Environmental Policy

Environment Policy

Sustainable Resource Management

Botton & Gardiner has a policy of using only those materials and componentry drawn from sustainably managed resources.



With regards to the sustainability of Jarrah our supplier predominantly buys from Gunns (formerly Sotico) - the largest owner of Jarrah forests.

Please see Gunns environmental policy statement for further information.

Australian Native Hardwoods

Since June 2004 availability of Jarrah in the grade and sizes we have historically used, has become erratic and unreliable. Due to the unreliable availability of Jarrah, b+g now offers 'native hardwoods' as an alternative. These may at any time comprise a mixture of Jarrah, Sydney Blue Gum, Flooded Gum or Karri, in the "reds" and Tallowwood and Blackbutt in grey/brown. Jarrah & Tallowwood are the species of this group whose heartwood is durability class 2. The rest are durability class 3 but are considered suitable for exterior use as the durability class is a measure of the timber's resistance to rot when buried in the ground (e.g. stumps). All the above are commonly used as exterior decking timbers and are therefore suitable as outdoor furniture timbers.

East coast timbers (all except Jarrah and Karri) are sourced only from sustainably managed plantation forests. Information on sustainably managed plantation forestry can be found at the NSW Department of Primary Industries/Forests

Recycled Timber

b&g does not use recycled timber unless supplied by the customer. More often than not it is limited in availability and inconsistent in colour or species. Without the certain knowledge of the species we cannot assure its performance over time, once re-machined.

DuraSlat (Wood Composite Material)

The new material, Duraslat, is a market leading, engineered wood and plastic composite made from reclaimed wood fibers (a byproduct of timber milling) and pure plastic resins. As a result of extensive research and market demand, b+g has identified DuraSlat as the optimum material to replace hardwoods where ease of maintenance, whole-of-life cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability are the customer's primary concerns.